electric outboard

Electric Outboard Motor for your Boat

Electric Outboard Motor for your Boat is the sensible solution for today’s boatowners. Here is an ideal outboard motor

Electric motors are significantly quieter or completely silent.

You have probably experienced this – sitting quietly at anchor with a glass of wine in your hand taking in the wonderful scenery around your boat, when suddenly a really noisy outboard motor starts up and the operator decides to buzz all around the anchorage, for entertainment! If only they were using an electric outboard motor! How quiet would that activity be? Most elcetric outboards are very quiet – almost silent in operation. This is one of many benefits to using one. Click here – to see a suitable motor.

Emission-free, no unpleasant smell.

By being emission free you no longer expose your senses to unpleasant smells from fuel fumes. This helps your health and the health of all others in the vacinity. Long term it benefits the planet. So you are doing your bit to preserve the atmosphere we all breath. An added benefit is that when transporting your electric outboard motor you no longer have spilliages of oil and petrol in the boot of your car! How many of us have had that happen in the past?


With electric power instead of topping up with petrol and oil you will find your running costs will be significantly reduced throughout the season. Simply connect the two power leads to a charged battery and you are ready to go. Even your battery can be charged for free using either solar energy from panels or by wind turbine. This will vastly reduce your running costs!

Environmentally friendly and ecologically sustainable.

As mentioned above, electric outboard motors are really environmentally friendly because of their lack of harmful emissions. Therefore these power sources are ecologically sustainable because they are preserving the quality of the waters they are using. Electric outboard motors do not harm the water they are operating in each day.

Future-proof: No fear of driving bans on the water.

Many of our rivers and inland waterways can benefit from people using electric engines rather than petrol and diesels to power their boats. If you decide to operate an electric outboard motor you will not face any ban at any time while out and about on the water.

Maintenance-free: less effort.

With no petrol fuel filters or oil changes to worry you anymore, owning an electric outboard motor means it is virtually maintenance free. Ocassional cleaning is all that is really required. This not only saves time but also quite a bit of money each year. Click here to see a affordable outboard.